11 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in Indiana Today (ABSN)

Accelerated nursing programs in Indiana can transition you into a qualified nurse in under 2 years!

Due to the nurse shortage in Indiana, the state has passed legislation to enable nursing programs to significantly increase enrollment. This makes it a perfect time for you to consider switching to a nursing career.

Here’s a list of the 11 best accelerated nursing programs in Indiana that you can choose from.

11 Best Accelerated BSN Programs in Indiana

1. University of Indianapolis-  Second Degree Accelerated BSN

The University of Indianapolis’ Second Degree Accelerated BSN program is specifically tailored for individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in another field and seeking a swift transition into nursing.

This UINDY accelerated nursing program has a total of 4 semesters packed into 15 months. It’s a full-time commitment, designed to earn you 56 credit hours and 570 clinical hours.

Duration: 15 months

Format: On Campus or Online

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Plus, with three start dates per year, you can jump in when the timing suits you best.

Clinical Experience

You’ll do your clinical rotations in diverse settings- ranging from hospitals and community-based settings to schools, day-care centers, and long-term care facilities.

The program has a dedicated placement team to help you secure a suitable clinical placement. They reach out to potential sites and preceptors, saving you the legwork and stress of finding the perfect one.

About UIndy

The University of Indianapolis was established in 1902. It is a private university affiliated with the United Methodist Church. It is recognized for its top-rated nursing programs at all levels.

UIndy’s School of Nursing lives by the motto “Education for Service,” which is deeply ingrained in its curriculum.

2. Indiana University Indianapolis- Second Degree Accelerated BSN

This IUPUI accelerated nursing program (now called IU Indianapolis) is an intensive full-time program with 4 semesters. You earn your BSN in 16 months.

Designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another field, it requires you to complete 64 credit hours.

Duration: 16 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Indianapolis, IN

You’ll gain clinical and practical experience under the supervision of nursing faculty from the school and expert nurse preceptors in the community.

This exposure to both hospital and community-based nursing broadens your understanding of nursing’s multifaceted roles.

In addition to clinical experiences, you’ll participate in simulation exercises. These virtual scenarios replicate real-life nursing situations, helping you to develop problem-solving skills and apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

About IU Indianapolis

Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON) is the biggest nursing program in the state, offering more opportunities and clinical programs than most programs in the region. With connections to five medical centers, it offers diverse training experiences.

In 2023, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) ended their 53-year partnership.

The IUPUI campus will transition to IU Indianapolis by the fall of 2024, retaining most programs, including nursing. Meanwhile, Purdue University will extend its West Lafayette flagship campus to form Purdue University in Indianapolis.

3. Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus- Second Degree Accelerated BSN

This IUPUC accelerated nursing program can be completed in just 18 months of full-time study, making it an expedited path to a career in nursing.

Duration: 18 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Columbus, IN

Designed for Local Community

The IUPUC Accelerated BSN is specifically tailored for IUPUC alumni and residents of south-central Indiana. Ideally, applicants should be alumni of IUPUC or residents of certain specified counties – including Brown, Bartholomew, Dearborn, Decatur, Franklin, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Johnson, Ohio, Ripley, Shelby, and Switzerland.

This program’s local focus is part of its commitment to supporting the community and ensuring the availability of well-trained healthcare professionals in the area. If you reside in one of these counties or are an IUPUC alumnus, this program could be an excellent opportunity for you to make a swift and successful career transition into nursing.

About IUPUC’s Division of Health Sciences

Joining the nursing program at IUPUC means you become part of one of IU’s School of Nursing- one of the nation’s top nursing schools.

IUPUC’s Division of Health Sciences aims to improve health in rural Indiana. They educate students to become skilled health professionals who use research and outreach to enhance healthcare and life quality in rural south-central Indiana.

4. Indiana University Northwest- BA/BS to BSN

The IUN accelerated nursing program is full-time and takes 18 months to complete, including the summer. Over this period, you’ll need to complete 62 credit hours.

Duration: 18 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Gary, IN

The program starts in May and concludes in December of the following year, offering a quick turnaround for those eager to get started in their new nursing careers.

About IU Northwest School of Nursing

IU Northwest is a vibrant community with over 3500 students. Their School of Nursing is dedicated to promoting health and human dignity. They do this by training professional nurses and partnering with health professionals and local communities.

With some of the top NCLEX pass rates in Indiana, they even reach a 100% pass rate at times!

5. Indiana University Kokomo- Second Degree BSN

The IUK accelerated nursing program (Second Degree BSN) is broken down into four semesters over a 17-month period. It’s structured to provide comprehensive training in the shortest time possible, allowing you to embark on your nursing career sooner.

Duration: 17 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Kokomo, IN

At IU Kokomo, you will get practical, real-world experience in two excellent spaces- The St. Joseph Hospital Clinical Simulation Center and St. Vincent Health.

They offer simulated learning with real-world scenarios in four rooms. These scenarios are meant to sharpen students’ judgment skills in a teaching-focused environment.

The updated Nursing Foundations Simulation Laboratory will teach you essential healthcare skills like physical assessment and psychomotor abilities.

About IUK School of Nursing and Allied Health Profession

Indiana University Kokomo’s goal is to boost the educational and professional success of the people living in north central Indiana- through impactful teaching, learning, and community involvement.

Nursing programs, which are a part of the IU Kokomo School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, are officially recognized by the Indiana State Board of Nursing and have the prestigious accreditation of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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6. Indiana State University- Accelerated Second Degree Online BSN

Indiana State University’s accelerated online BSN program is composed of four consecutive semesters, squeezing into a short 15 months.

Duration: 15 months

Format: Online Coursework

Location: Terre Haute, IN

This Indiana State University accelerated nursing program has a yearly admission cycle that starts in the Summer, specifically in mid-May.

About Indiana State’s School of Nursing

Since 1963, Indiana State University’s School of Nursing has been dedicated to providing top-notch education. The faculty promotes knowledge, skill development, and community service.

The school’s ultimate goal is to transform students into capable, caring nurses who can drive changes and enhance healthcare for everyone.

7. Indiana Wesleyan University- Transition to Nursing Program (Accelerated BSN)

The Accelerated BSN program at IWU allows you to become a qualified nurse in just about 14 months. The program consists of 64 credit hours, covering an extensive range of core nursing topics.

Duration: 14 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Marion, IN

This IWU accelerated nursing program takes place at the IWU-Marion campus- a vibrant campus that will be your learning center and a community to foster growth and build valuable connections.

About IWU School of Nursing

Indiana Wesleyan University is a private Christian institution in Marion, Indiana. It is the state’s biggest private university.

IWU School of Nursing combines factual knowledge with practical experience, preparing students to make a difference in the world- with Christian values.

The school’s goal is to produce well-educated, professional nurses who are ready to lead in any healthcare setting, be it local or global.

They also take pride in their high NCLEX pass rates, often reaching 100%.

8. Purdue University- Second Degree BSN

Purdue University’s second-degree BSN program is full-time and can be completed in four semesters or 16 months. You’ll earn 59 credits.

Duration: 16 months

Format: On Campus

Location: West Lafayette, IN

Clinical Experience

Purdue University has made arrangements with hundreds of sites to provide you with a breadth of clinical experience. This includes numerous hospitals and clinics throughout North Central Indiana and Indianapolis.

Examples of these hospitals are Lafayette Transitional Housing, M.D. Steer Speech and Language Clinic, Roudebush VA Medical Center, or Riley Children’s Hospital.

Program Objectives

This Purdue University accelerated nursing program doesn’t merely aim to make you a nurse; it strives to shape you into a nursing leader.

The curriculum emphasizes clinical leadership, evidence-based practice, health promotion and prevention, and quality improvement.

In essence, this program helps you learn the skills to not only provide high-quality care but also lead improvement initiatives in the healthcare setting.

About Purdue University School of Nursing

The Purdue University School of Nursing aims to explore and expand nursing knowledge, prepare nursing students for professional roles, and apply nursing science in healthcare settings- locally & globally.

The school also advocates for healthcare legislation and policies that respect diverse populations.

Its nursing programs are consistently recognized among the best in the country, according to US News & World Report.

9. Marian University- Accelerated BSN

The Marian University on-campus Accelerated BSN program is designed to be completed in just 16 months. Despite the quick timeline, it ensures that you complete the same volume of coursework that traditional nursing students tackle over 3 years.

Duration: 16 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Indianapolis, IN

An Online ABSN Option Exists

If an on-campus program doesn’t align with your schedule or if you prefer remote learning, Marian University also offers an online ABSN.

This online version has three start dates throughout the year: January, May, and August, providing you with more flexibility in planning your studies.

Clinical Experiences

Regardless of whether you choose the on-campus or online path, you’ll gain invaluable off-campus clinical experiences.

The University collaborates with local healthcare agencies, such as Ascension St. Vincent, to provide you with the hands-on clinical practice needed to prepare you for a dynamic healthcare environment.

About Marian’s School of Nursing

Marian University is a private Catholic institution. It was founded by the Sisters of St. Francis in 1851. The university’s Leighton School of Nursing curriculum and teachings are based on Franciscan traditions and values- to train outstanding nurses.

10. Ball State University- Accelerated Second Degree BSN

Ball State University’s Accelerated Second Degree BSN is designed to be completed in a 19-month timeframe. You’ll earn 49 credit hours of core nursing courses in the program.

Duration: 19 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Muncie, IN

What’s more- the program offers flexibility in its scheduling, allowing you to start your studies either in the Fall or Spring. Begin your new career path at a time that suits you best.

About Ball State’s School of Nursing

Ball State University is a public research institution. The School of Nursing at Ball State aims to improve people’s lives by creating a community centered around learning.

Their mission includes advancing nursing knowledge and practices to improve health outcomes. The school has a 91% NCLEX-RN pass rate, which is impressive.

11. Manchester University- Accelerated BSN Second Degree

Manchester University’s Accelerated BSN Second Degree program provides a robust path to switch careers in just 16 months. As a full-time student, you’ll earn 68 credits.

Duration: 16 months

Format: On Campus

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Classes for this program are held at two locations – Manchester University’s Fort Wayne campus and the Parkview Mirro Center.

Clinical Experience

Clinical sites are spread across Fort Wayne and its surrounding areas, including rural and urban settings alike.

This variety allows you to experience various healthcare facilities such as top regional medical centers, specialty hospitals, rehabilitation centers, community hospitals, and clinics.

About MU Nursing

Manchester University is a private liberal arts institution linked to the Church of the Brethren. MU’s nursing program aims to train upcoming nurses to respect everyone’s inherent value and to serve people compassionately during their nursing practice.

This approach inspires nursing students to become kind, productive, and principled future leaders within the nursing field.

The program has an 88% first-time NCLEX pass rate.

General Entrance Requirements for Accelerated Nursing Programs in Indiana

  1. Bachelor’s Degree: A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a field other than nursing.
  2. Prerequisite Courses: Completion of prerequisite courses is generally required. These often include courses such as Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Statistics, and possibly some social science or humanities courses.
  3. Minimum GPA: A minimum GPA, typically around 3.0, is usually required. The University of Indianapolis requires at least a 2.82 GPA.
  4. Entrance Exam: Most accelerated nursing programs in Indiana will require a standardized entrance exam, like the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) or the Health Education Systems, Inc Admissions Assessment (HESI A2).
  5. Letters of Recommendation: You may need to provide letters of recommendation from individuals such as former professors or supervisors who can speak to your qualifications and readiness for an accelerated nursing program.
  6. Nursing School Personal Statement or Essay: A personal statement or essay explaining your reasons for pursuing a career in nursing and why you’re interested in the specific program is commonly required.
  7. Interview: Some accelerated nursing programs in Indiana will require an interview as part of the admission process.
  8. Clinical Experience: While not always a requirement, previous healthcare or clinical experience can strengthen your application.
  9. Background Check: A criminal background check is typically required because nurses work with vulnerable populations.
  10. Health Requirements: These can include updated immunization records, proof of health insurance, and possibly a physical examination.

Wrapping Up on Accelerated Nursing Programs in Indiana

The Indiana Hospital Association reported that the state would need to have approximately 1300 additional graduate nurses every year till 2030- to fully address the nurse shortage in Indiana.

To manage this health crisis, Indiana passed the “Nursing Indiana Back to Health” legislation in 2022. This law allows pre-licensure nursing programs to expand enrollment. It also allows nursing students to substitute up to 50% of clinical hours with simulator hours, using mannequins.

With the state pushing for more qualified nurses, it presents a good opportunity for anyone with a non-nursing background to switch to the field. Luckily, there are many top accelerated nursing programs in Indiana that will get you RN-ready in less than 2 years.


  • Information on these programs may change without notice. So, we cannot guarantee their authenticity and accuracy. You’d have to check with the school and do further research. Our review list is simply for guidance and cannot be relied upon exclusively without research on your part.
  • Before enrollment, check with your state regarding licensing rules or whether your desired program meets your home state’s certification requirements and licensure.
  • If you are an administrator/staff for one of the schools listed in this article, and you would like to issue corrections or updates on your program’s information, please contact us here.

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