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An admissions essay or a statement of purpose is often the only shot you have at truly speaking to the minds and hearts of the college admissions team. No matter how good your GPA is, if you cannot express yourself coherently, passionately and persuasively on the essay, then you might as well kiss your chances of admission goodbye! With over 10 years of experience advising students and offering them best-practice admission essay templates, we are confident that you too could benefit.

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When applying for my Masters, I just didn’t know how to phrase my story, until a friend recommended thecollegeapplication.com. These coaches brainstormed topics of discussion with me, helped to identify my strengths, weaknesses and how to tie everything together into a unique personalized story.

Thank you TCA coach for helping me get into Simon Business School! 

– Sasha, MS Business Analytics, Class of 2020



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