4 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs in Houston (Updated 2024)

Looking for a quick yet fulfilling career change into nursing in Houston? Accelerated nursing programs in Houston could be your ticket!

These programs are designed to get you into nursing in as little as 12 to 16 months, to get you practicing right in Houston.

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Now, let’s take a closer look at these programs to help you find the right one, shall we?

Accelerated BSN Programs in Houston

1. University of St. Thomas Houston Accelerated BSN

Program Overview

The ABSN@UST offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain a BSN degree in just 12 months.

The University of St. Thomas provides flexibility for today’s busy students with ABSN sites located in the Woodlands (Shenandoah), Sugar Land, and downtown Houston.

Duration: 12 months

Format: Online Coursework

Location: Sugar Land, Shenandoah, and downtown Houston, TX

The program combines online coursework, onsite skills labs, and clinical rotations, providing a comprehensive and balanced learning experience.

Hands-on skills and simulation labs are conveniently situated at the same ABSN sites, providing you with invaluable practical experience in the nursing field.

Start Your Journey: Three Times a Year

There’s no need to wait for a traditional academic year to start your journey. The University of St. Thomas offers three start dates per year, allowing you to begin your nursing career in January, May, or August.


You’ll need to complete the following prereqs:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (6–8 credits, completed within the last five years; lab is recommended, not required)
  • Microbiology (3–4 credits, lab is recommended)
  • Algebra or Statistics (3 credits, completed within the last five years)
  • Nutrition (Highly recommended)

Tuition and Fees

The estimated total cost for the ABSN program is $65,183, covering both tuition and fees. For the latest costs, check here.

2. UTHealth Houston Accelerated BSN

Program Overview

The UTHealth Houston Pacesetter Accelerated BSN lets you earn a BSN degree in just 15 months.

Duration: 15 months

Format: Online Coursework

Location: Houston, TX

This 60-credit program is spread over 4 semesters. It allows you to attend both online and on-campus. With fall, spring, and summer start dates available, the Pacesetter ABSN offers multiple opportunities to jumpstart your nursing journey when it suits you best.

Learn from Practicing Nurses

What makes UTHealth Houston special is that many of the classes are taught by practicing nurses. These experienced professionals bring real-world insights to your education, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle the demands of the field.

Diverse Clinical Opportunities

Right from your first semester, you’ll engage in over 900 hours of clinical experience. This hands-on training is complemented by diverse clinical opportunities in the Texas Medical Center and throughout the Houston area.


You’ll need to complete these prereqs: foundational classes in American and Texas Government, U.S. History, Psychology, Sociology, Human Growth & Development, Statistics, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, English, Intro to Philosophy, and Visual & Performing Arts.

You’ll also need five credit hours from college-level elective courses.

Tuition and Fees

The estimated tuition and fees for residents is $26,743.31- clearly making this the most affordable of accelerated nursing programs in Houston for Texans.

Non-residents should budget for approximately $76,423.31. See latest costs here.

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3. Texas Lutheran University Accelerated BSN

Program Overview

When it comes to achieving your nursing career dreams quickly, the Accelerated BSN program from Texas Lutheran University is a top contender. In as little as 16 months, you could walk away with a BSN degree.

Duration: 16 months

Format: In-person

Location: Houston, TX & New Braunfels, TX

The TLU ABSN program is a robust curriculum requiring 60 credits for completion. This program is designed for full-time study, providing an intensive, immersive experience in the world of nursing.

Hands-on Clinical Training

The TLU ABSN program prepares you for real-world nursing scenarios through 945 hours of hands-on clinical training. These experiential learning opportunities should provide you with the knowledge and expertise to succeed in the nursing field.


Before embarking on this accelerated journey, ensure you’ve completed these prerequisites within the last 7 years: specific science courses, including Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Microbiology, General Chemistry, Nutrition, and Pathophysiology.

In addition, Statistics and Developmental Psychology courses must also be completed.


The cost is $875 per credit. Keep up-to-date with the latest rates here.

4. University of Houston Accelerated (Second-Degree) BSN

Program Overview

Located at the University of Houston at Sugar Land, this 12-month program offers 60 semester hours of face-to-face learning and opens its doors for new admissions every spring semester.

Duration: 12 months

Format: In-person

Location: Sugar Land, TX- approx 20 miles southwest of downtown Houston.

The program’s primary focus is on healthcare in diverse settings, offering you an inclusive and broad perspective of nursing practice.


Before you jump into the program, you’ll need to complete these prerequisite courses:

  • 3 semester hours of Statistics
  • 3 semester hours of Nutrition
  • 8 semester hours of Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • 3 semester hours of Chemistry (Introductory or General Chemistry)
  • 4 semester hours of Microbiology
  • 6 semester hours of Psychology (Introduction to Psychology and Human Growth and Development)
  • 3 semester hours of Sociology (Introduction to Sociology)

Tuition and Fees

If you’re a resident, expect to pay a tuition fee of $484.82 per semester credit hour. For non-residents, the rate is $992.82 per semester credit hour. Check the latest rates here.

To Conclude

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect to make about $88,880 in annual wages as an RN in Houston. Plus, nurses are still in demand.

The good news is with any of the above-discussed accelerated nursing programs in Houston, you can accelerate into a fulfilling nursing career in a record 12 months!


The shortest ones take 12 months and the longest takes 16 months.

Depending on the source you ask, it hovers between 60% & 66%.


  • Information on these programs may change without notice. So, we cannot guarantee their authenticity and accuracy. You’d have to check with the school and do further research. Our review list is simply for guidance and cannot be relied upon exclusively without research on your part.
  • Before enrollment, check with your state regarding licensing rules or whether your desired program meets your home state’s certification requirements and licensure.

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