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      I am a bridge student, I graduate in May, I have no hospital experience. I’ve recently preceptored in the emergency department. ED rotation was so exciting, unpredictable, and fast paced. I know its not always fun and exciting, but the ED nurses had a solid broad knowledge of, well, everything we’ve learned, and I’d imagine they are always learning new things. They are confident and quick thinking and really know what they’re doing. Plus, an ED nurse around here makes around $70k, which is a lot more than I’m making now. It was very heartening to me to learn that my preceptor graduated from my school just 3 years ago. We do have a StaRN program here that provides training and preceptorship to new grads who want to go right into ED, but the nurse I worked with transferred after a year in med surg. Oh and as a side note, to emphasize how fun ED nurses are, the Journal of Emergency Nursing is actually interesting! I wish I’d known about that before I did this evidenced based project (presentation tomorrow, bleh), and has events and education and even free CEUs if your a member. Bottom line, I love emergency department nursing.

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