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      I am an LPN in a program to bridge from LPN to RN. We were assigned online clinical online 2 weeks ago. We were given instruction on how to sign in and what score we needed to have. Any other questions we could email the DON. I started at 7 am and took breaks. I have kids at home online school as well. I text a group chat of my fellow nursing students around 1034 and asked how everyone was doing, 8 students replied to that task and start other questions, at 1301 , we received an email from our DON that we were to STOP online clinicals because she got reports that were texting each other. None of the text were HIPAA related . WE were simply supporting each other like we always had. I was kicked out the entire program for this. I was told I could not appeal. I have however hired an attorney, this punishment seems way harsh and none of the other students was kicked out except one other student for the same things and she received the same punishment and letter. Do you all think I can get this overturned? I don’t understand the harshness ?

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