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      I have been going to a university in NY for about 3years now, attempting to complete the RN4 (BSN) program they have, this past semester I failed two nursing courses with a C- and was automatically dismissed from the nursing school. This is my first time ever being in this situation. I have ALWAYS gotten A’s and B’s. Regardless of this situation I still managed to come out with above a 3.0 GPA. I am just worried about not being accepted anywhere because of the dismissal. I need the second chance because this is the ONLY thing I want. I do not want to go the LPN route or waste money on another degree that I do not care to have. I will do an associate program or another bachelors program if possible. I do not have another degree so I can not do an ABSN or anything like that. I need names of ANY COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY OR COMMUNITY COLLEGE IN NEW YORK STATE that will accept me. I know there are many other nursing students that have been in my same predicament and are now nurses working in their field of choice so PLEASE extend a hand and help me out if you are one of these people. I need help finding a university that will take me. I know for sure that Molloy will not take me. I need names of places that will take me for sure so that i can apply there. I have called many places and need help. As many know, the application process is long and I have my Financial aid on the line. I can’t wait for a school that might accept me when there are others out there that definitely will accept me. So can anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help a fellow nursing major out.

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