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      Just wondering if anyone here might know. I’m planning on doing BLS for Healthcare ASAP, but was wondering something. Is it possible to do the ACLS certification even if you aren’t a medical ‘professional’ (LPN/LVN, RN, MD, etc). My facility has such a small staff that, when a code is called on third/night shift, I think it would be nice to be able to assist in any way possible, even if that is just applying chest compressions, or acting as relief should a nurse tire out.. The aides don’t have access to the SBAR info, nor the ability to put the transfer into the computer system, etc, so there is little that they can do. Beyond that, there is a potential that I may be in a situation soon where I may be the only staffer with a patient/resident on a 1:1 basis when getting them to appointments. It would be a good thing, in my opinion, to get as much training as I can fit in there.

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