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      I just found out that the place I filed my taxes, with failed to give the IRS my 2016 taxes. I had previously requested my transcripts to be mailed to me since February and I’ve been checking the mail for months only to wonder why I wasn’t getting it and yes I did call .( I tried to get them online but the site was down.) It wasn’t until I called the IRS that I was given this information that my taxes weren’t turned in. The deadline for to verify my tax transcript is next week. I spoke to one of the representative for the verification site and they told me ,that I should tell the school what happened ,so I will be able to still get it. I’m pretty much freaking out and I don’t know what to do I want to go to school and start my pre-requisites. What are other alternatives if my financial aid ends up being canceled ? is there no hope for me ?. Has something similar happened to any of you?

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