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      Hi, I’m currently attending a community college in Tallahassee (TCC) and I am thinking about transferring to a community college in Jacksonville (FSCJ) due to family and money reasons. My parents could really use me moving to jacksonville as they are paying for my apartment and want to retire and need to sell it, my sister lives in jacksonville and will let me move in with her and her boyfriend for 300 a month, whereas in tallahassee I’ll have to pay around 400-600 for a decent place. TCC has a passing rate of 66% but an nclex passing rate of 96%, fscj has a passing rate of 83% and an NCLEX passing rate of 81%, so its a stark difference. My first semester I got a 92% and a 96% on the HESI, so I think I have a good chance of getting in during my third semester, please let me know any advice or thoughts you have on the matter.

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