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      Hi everyone! So I just finished my second year of nursing school (I am doing a 4 year bachelors) and am now home for the summer. I have a position as a medical assistant in a dermatologist office. Basically this job is too much for me as it is 8 hours a day and some weeks I work 6 days. The office is very far from my house and I need to wake up very early in order to commute for 1 hour. Basically this job is taking a toll on me, but my parents insist on me keeping this job for the experience and that it will look good on my resume. There is not much experience I am gaining besides checking patients into rooms. I find it very exhausting to commute so far and work these long hours 6 days a week. On the other hand, I have an offer to work as a summer camp counselor at a local day camp. I’ve done this for 2 previous summers and enjoy it as it is only 4 days a week and the pay is very good. Please help!!! Should I stick out the job at the doctors office even though it is very far away and I feel that I will get burnt out for this summer? Or should I take the camp counselor job that I know I like and enjoy doing. Basically my question is do I need nursing experience in a doctors office in order to get a job in the future?

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