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      I just want everyone to know that this is one of the most important decisions I am taking on in my and I am currently in school. I am 45 years young a single mother of four daughters ages 28 (with 3 boys) ,26 (with 3 girls) 17 and 15. I just finished the Spring semester with two B’s,one in Biology and one in Intermediate Algebra. I also work 32 hours as a Customer Service Rep. If I can do it anyone can. It’s all about wanting to better yourself and you have to be committed. Talk to your significant others,friends and family and let them in on what you are trying to do. I am single and taking time out to do something that will allow me to able to provide for myself and my kids. I have a strong commitment to God as well.This is what works for me and I have my ups and down but he has carried me through some really tough times including losing both my parents within three years, picking up two change of clothing and moving to Houston. The hurricane hit and I was homeless for a while. My daughter (17) and I lived in a shelter and now we have our own place. He has been so good to me and I know in my heart that this is what I was created to do. So I encourage you to keep your eye on the prize and believe in your heart that you can do it and set this time aside for yourself.I feel good these days and together we can be the best health care pros this world has ever seen. God Bless You All

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