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      I’m currently finishing up my second year at a UC. A year ago, after many reflections and thinking, I decided that I wanted to pursue a nursing career. Unfortunately, my school does not offer a nursing program. I decided that perhaps, I could finish up my psychology degree and apply to ABSN or an Entry-Level MSN program. However, I’m really worried about not being able to get accepted into these programs because my grades are not the best and they are not competitive. Also, I know that I will not be receiving financial aid and I’m afraid of being in debt for thousands and thousands of dollars. I have been thinking about transferring to Sac City Community College and work towards my ADN by taking all of the pre-requisite classes and hopefully achieving my RN license and then applying to an ADN-BSN program. Or perhaps, if it’s possible, transferring after I complete all of my pre-requisite classes to Sac State’s BSN program for Nursing. Is this possible? Will the poor grades that I received at UCD affect me when I apply to other programs?

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