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      I’m in my second semester of an ADN program and just started clinicals in the hospital this semester… and I’m thinking of quitting. I have no problems with the material and do well on the tests, so I have no fear of failing, which makes the decision all the tougher to make. I hate clinicals. I hated clinicals last semester and considered quitting then as well. I’m trying to figure out if I legitimately am not cut out to be a nurse or if I’m just being emotional/stressed/etc. I feel miserable on clinical days and sometimes the only way to get through the entire day is to tell myself that I really could just walk out of clinicals and never return (obviously I wouldn’t, but knowing I could” helps me cope). I would like to be an OR nurse (already have 3 years OR experience), but I don’t know if I can get through the clinicals to become one. Plus if I can’t get an OR job immedicately, I don’t know if I could work on the floor until I get one.

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