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      So I got into the LVN program this semester of 2018. I learned a lot from this experience and I’m happy that I did this. Unfortunately I will not be moving on to the second level of the LVN program. There was one class that I didn’t pass and it was Basic Nursing Skills (Basic is a no because this class wasn’t as basic as I thought it would be). I did everything by talking to the professor and getting help from my nursing friends and an RN but this class didn’t click. I’m dyslexic so It’s harder for me. I get extended time on tests as well and tried everything. In the program we are required to have a 76 or above to pass and move on the next level. All my other classes I passed… I had all A’s and B’s and of course Basic Nursing Skills I had a C which is considered a D. Before I even applied to the program I had so many thoughts about whether I wanted to continue to become a nurse or not. I thought long and hard about it.. When clinical came around it hit me again and I thought to myself and told myself that nursing is probably something I wouldn’t be able to handle. The truth is I’ve been so focused on I want to become a nurse but never really thought about how it actually made me feel deep down inside. I would always push those feelings aside and ignore them. During nursing school I was scared and my anxiety was off the roof. I know a lot of people go through anxiety but I don’t like to feel that way. I don’t want to feel afraid of doing something. It’s something people have to get used to yes but I want to feel at ease. I don’t know if it was the professors who made the experience scary or brought anxiety unto me or what. There was a lot of drama going on in my class and I felt like I was being watched every step of the way. I cried a lot and I felt so overwhelmed. Yes I know nursing school is hard and challenging but nursing school should be about learning and understanding so you can be a good nurse and advocate for your patients. I’m devastated and sad but I am very happy I experienced what I experienced because it will only make me stronger.To my point now, I feel that nursing isn’t for me. I don’t know but have anyone felt this way before? Have anyone changed their major and felt bad or good about it? Any regrets? I’m thinking about going for Rad Tech. Any advice is good! I know I’m all over the place with this.

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