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      Hello just need some advice and suggestions. Next semester I am scheduled to take microbiology and lab, pathophysiology, health assessment and lab, and fundamentals of nursing and lab. So it’s a total of 7 classes ( yes, labs isn’t counted as a class since it’s zero credits, but I’m referring to it as a class since I’m physically walking into a classroom to learn it) and it’s a total of 15 credits. Now I feel like this is a set up for failure because who would want to take micro and patho in the same semester?? on top of other nursing classes. I’ve tried looking at other schools to see if I can take micro in the winter so it can reduce the stress for the spring semester but I’ve been unlucky. The only other option is to deal with it or push back a class which will push back my graduation -_- . What’s pissing me off even more is one of the advisers said it’s “duable” but when I asked her does she see herself taking those classes all at once she was quiet … exactly. I just want to know what’s you guys opinion and if there’s any advice. Thank you.

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