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      I was hoping for some words of encouragement. I am in 4th semester (graduate this December) of an ADN program. This semester I am On a cardiac floor. Tomorrow is my first clinical of the semester and my anxiety is so unbelievably high I want to cry. I feel like I don’t know ANYTHING for being in 4th semester. I have never started an IV or even changed IV fluids, never inserted a foley cath or NG tube. I have barely given any injections. I have only had up to 2 patients at a time. I feel embarrassed that I haven’t done more. I am so scared about tomorrow and I don’t really know why. This semester is the first semester that we aren’t permitted to do prep work prior to caring for patients, we will just begin when report begins. I am so scared about finishing my assessment and giving meds that I might not even be familiar with and doing it on time. I am scared that I will be asked to do something that I should

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