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      Hi, everyone. I’m almost done with my 1st semester, I joined my classmates on an FB group and I realized everyone studies so much more than me. They have a bunch of note cards, study 5 hours a day, and do group study. I don’t really do much at all, I study like 3 hours before a test and I get A’s and B’s, and everyone else gets C’s and D’s. I really can’t study for long because I’m so easily distracted and I have chronic fatigue. I know I should be happy that I’m doing well with not much work, but I’m worried that I’m somehow doing something wrong. It feels weird to me that it’s coming so easy to me but not for the people who try. Is this going to be bad for me in the next semesters when I really will need to study, or does it not get much harder? Should I break the habit even though I’m doing well?

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