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      Im struggling bad with tests in Nursing Fundamentals class. My total grades have been 71, 75, and 80. I have 2 more tests and a final in this next month and I’m beyond stressed. I’ve met with faculty and tried getting help but nothings helping me. I study as much as my brain will allow me to everyday but I’m getting burnt out and honestly Im getting discouraged but I know I can’t and won’t give up. My tests are worth 75% of my grade and no matter how many practice questions I answer I’m just not getting it with the tests. In clinical and lab I do fine. Im not understanding why I can’t seem to get a good passing grade. I need an 80 (79.5) to pass the course and right now I’m at a 75.6%. Any advice is appreciated? I love being in this program more than anything and don’t want to fail over just a few points

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