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      I’m a straight A student, I’m literally at the end of my pre-reqs. All I have to do is A&P 2 and Patho 2. But I’m currently in Summer classes right now studying A&P 1 and I’ve lost it. I’m too lazy to get out of bed. I’ve maintained 92’s on all of my unit exams so far, and now we’re on the final unit and I can’t bring myself to do anything. The thought of making another set of flashcards for this final unit, will have me frozen, staring at my computer, wanting to cry. I can’t seek professional help, because I’m a military spouse and we have orders to move to Italy April 2021, anything I go to the doctor for right now can be flagged and we’d be at risk for losing those orders and not being a good fit for Italy anymore. I keep close with my classmates, some feel the same way, I’ll talk to my nurse friends who’ve already done it, but nothing is sticking – how do I snap out of it?

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