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      Hi everyone, after reading a lot of the other helpful articles and their replies I have decided to post a topic. Does anyone else feel like their nursing program is horrible? I understand nursing is a difficult field and the classes are hard, but I am doing relatively well. What causes me the most stress is the program I am enrolled in. I am scheduled to graduate in May 2020, so one more year! However, last week we found out that all of our faculty is either retiring, quitting, or getting fired. Yes, it has been confirmed by the dean. So, as of now we only have TWO professors for next year. We lost the entire nursing faculty including our director. It’s causing me a lot of stress, because of the unknown of what is to happen next year. I am trying to stay postive by telling myself “I passed this year with crappy teachers I’ll just teach myself again next year too”. Has anyone else had a bad experience with their nursing program/faculty? I just don’t know if this is undue stress at this sole nursing program or if every program has its downfalls. Thanks.

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