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      Hello. Not sure if this would be the proper place for this. If not, I apologize in advance. I’m trying to gather all the information I need. I am in an LPN program. The school I attend is in NJ. I live in NY so I guess when the time come to sit for the boards I would apply for NY. That part I get. After I graduate, my boyfriend and I are planning to move to Florida but he wanted to work a few months here and get experience. I was looking on Florida requirements and it looks like you have to have 2 years experience before you can transfer or endorse you license… So my question is what should I do? What do you suggest? When the time comes for the boards, can I apply to both states? Do I just apply to Florida? Can I even do that since I do not live in that state yet? I see Florida is part of the compact but New York is not…. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you so much

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