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      I remember starting last May of 2017 in nursing school. I was very eager to get all A’s and can’t wait to do clinicals and start taking good care of my patients. Now, I’m failing Fundamentals, and might pushed back my graduation date. I’m very frustrated and broke, I can’t fully concentrate and get my groove back on due to a break up and lack of support system. Started borrowing more books in hope of atleast passing the bare minimums of my exams. I felt like this is a Karma for not making God the center of my life, procrastination, and horrible life choices. I’ve never felt so dumb and stupid since I started doing clinicals and core nursing courses :( only thing that keeps me going is this strong passion in my heart to become a nurse, because I deeply know I won’t be more satisfied doing something else aside from saving people and making impacts to their lives.

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