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      I am currently in my first semester in nursing school. So far, everything is good. Workload is overwhelming, but i manage to keep up with them on time. We had done 2 test already, and i scored 86% on both. I am soo happy. My concern is, though i am making this good grades in the test, i am struggling. English is my second language, and i dont speak english fluently. If you ask me to explain things to you, i will likely not be able to explain it to you clearly. I know it in my head, but it is so hard for me to articulate it. Now, we have research assignment and i am having such a hard time putting infos in my own words. I have my english tutor, and she’s been helpful. I’ve been in US for almost 6 years now and stilll practicing my grammar. Do you guys think i can make it through nursing? I am afraid i will fail as classes get harder each semester. Thank you for your reply.

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