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      I’m curious about how colleges contrast in their mandatory qualifications. My school only required you either get a top TEAS score, or have a top GPA. It was a point based application (5 points for a GPA ranging from 3.54-3.61, 1 point for being a county resident, etc). I wasn’t required to take a TEAS exam, it was the student’s choice to either take pre-req courses, take TEAS, or both and choose which gives you more points. Do some schools require you to take TEAS? Or require both TEAS and pre-reqs? Are there school-designed qualifying exams required? I’ve also heard of other requirements such as having a job in the healthcare field or being an LPN. I found that surprising for a 2 year program. I’ve heard of getting bonus points for completing volunteer hours in a hospital or doctors office. Anyone mind sharing the specifics of their program’s application requirements and options? Thanks

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