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      So as of today, I have failed my nursing course and this will be my second time. My final was yesterday and I needed 6 more points than I got to pass, and was unsuccessful. Right now I am heartbroken and unsure of my next move. I blame no-one but myself, I know I could’ve done better. I am feeling like an utter failure as I have been in school for 4 years now and have wasted so much money and time. I know I will have the option to write a letter of appeal to the Dean, I just do not believe that it will be accepted. There were circumstances in my life that made school challenging this time around, but nothing that I feel would give me a great case for re-acceptance. I guess I would just like some advice on where to go from here. I plan on writing the letter and hoping that by the grace of God I can get one more chance but barring that, what do I do? I never thought of doing anything else with my life besides being a nurse. From other forums I have read, I don’t believe another school would accept me and trying the LPN route seems pointless since most facilities are phasing LPNs out anyway. I just need some guidance.

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