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      Classes started Jan 8 and I hope I get most of the money back. I need to return it to my family member who helped me pay for this semester. Pretty sure the returned check payment will around 350.00 and I paid 1,800. I really wanted to be a nurse for a long time. I decided after failing a test today, It’s not for me anymore. It’s too much stress and feels more like an elimination game than teaching people how to be nurses. We already teach ourselves anything so what do they do? I’d love to have their jobs and pay for what they do. The answers in the book are wrong and she doesn’t have the answers to the worksheet we can print out the practice. These teachers couldn’t demonstrate a head to toe assessment for the class without looking silly. Anyways, I am done thinking about this stuff. I want nothing else to do with the health field. Good luck to all the nursing students. Hope your program is better.

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