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      So I made an account just to post this here and as the title says, I just failed my first semester of Nursing school. Sorry but this might be a long rant, anyways, I’m really upset that this happened since I practically quit my job to focus 100% on this program but still failed by less than a percent. The passing grade for our program is a 77% or higher with no rounding, meaning if you got a 76.99, you failed. I ended up getting a 76.2% as my final grade. I talked to my professor about my overall performance in the class after I got my grade and she told me that I was satisfactory in dosage, lab, clinicals, skills check-offs, passing them on the first attempt with a 92% or higher, basically everything except the exams. We had 5 exams in the class, 4 of them were worth 210 points and the final HESI exam was worth 99. My scores in order were; exam 1 – 171, exam 2 – 150, exam 3 – 168, exam 4 – 159, and HESI 64.

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