Failed my third semester, should I do anything about it?

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      Ugh, I failed out of nursing school this semester. It was horrible. I have a documented disability with an accommodation plan through the school. In my plan it states that if I have some sort of disability crisis before or during an exam that I can meet with the instructor and disability services about it. I had this crisis before our Endocrine exam. I have anxiety issues. We was supposed to take our exam at one campus and the software for the exam wasn’t installed on the new computers which made us have to move campuses, I was not prepared for this. It threw my anxiety into a tailspin. Prior to taking the exam I went to the instructor crying and told her that I didn’t think I could take the exam, I was told to breathe, breathe and breathe some more, I eyeballed her during the exam and she kept trying to reassure me that it would be ok, but it wasn’t. My focus was gone. My regular instructor came into the classroom and I was almost the last person to leave the room. I, of course, failed the exam badly. I’ve never failed an exam like this. When I went to my instructor after the exam she suggested that I see a therapist, I told her I already do, not that was any of her business. She then suggested I see another one?

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