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      I’m 21 and graduated a one-month, Red Cross CNA training program in August of past year. Since then, I’ve been busy as a full-time college student. I live with my parents and they help me out with whatever I need so I haven’t really “needed” to be working. Summer break started a couple weeks ago, and I feel like a total bum because aside from a small, four hours a week housekeeping gig, I am unemployed. I feel really bad about it, and so now I am figuring out whether I should apply for a job at my local Dunks, or just take the leap and apply for a CNA job. The reason I haven’t yet, is because I get really really nervous about it. (I used to take meds for anxiety). I know in reality that if I just forced myself to apply at the local hospital/a LTC facility that I would be super nervous for weeks but ultimately would be fine. That being said, that rationality is constantly slipping from my mind. I feel so so nervous, that I’ll be judged, that I’m not really ready, that I won’t even know how to talk to patients properly and be confident in what I am doing. I’m also small and pretty weak.. I don’t care about messy dirty work at all, but I get nervous about the literal small interactions between a patient and me or coworkers and me, and the patient’s comfort. I just feel so nervous that I haven’t even applied.. so I guess, I’m looking for some reassurance.

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