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      We started term 2 recently and began clinicals at the new site, everything in term one went well so I wasn’t expecting things to take a downturn, especially on the first day. It did, I feel like an absolute failure. Our clinical group changed, and I was sent off to do treatments with two girls who are best friends in real life. I was getting vibes that I was a third wheel so I volunteered to go around and do half the workload on my own. Now, I did end up partnering with another girl who was experienced, and had years working in the healthcare field prior to nursing school. I am new so everything I’m doing is usually for the first time with a real, live patient. Basically I did a fingerstick, didn’t get the reading, the patient got upset and started yelling at us, I had to do it again, moved onto another patient and didn’t get a good stick on her.

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