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      I’m a nursing student & I have to do at least 3 presentations this semester, one is a group project. I’m usually good with collecting and gathering research and info for the presentation but when it comes to speaking to the class, I totally freeze. I found that in the past ( in HS and other college classes) I studder ALOT, talk really fast (without realizing at first) and mutter my words. I try to tell myself to calm down and not be nervous and to pretend like I’m presenting the info to one person to help ease my anxiety. However that doesn’t work. I get up there with my heart beating out of my chest, sweaty palms, and if I get a negative response from the audience I find myself tearing up sometimes. I’m usually good with criticism in general, but for some reason when it’s coming from an entire class or audience at once….it bothers me. Any advice on what I can do to help ease my anxiety or be a better public speaker?

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