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      So today I took a CPR course. I’m not in NS yet, but I decided to do it ahead of time. I’ve made amazing grades in all my prereq courses and every single one of my science professors has praised me as being one of their most hardworking students. I’m the first person in my family to go to college. I have a huge family, but no one works in healthcare so this is all new to me. You know, everyone starts at the bottom. I was looking forward to going to my CPR class and learning new things, but the instructor was ridiculing me the entire time. There were other students, but she only picked on me. To make things worse, everyone else in class was so knowledgable and knew exactly what they were doing. At one point she giggled and said “You’re not doing it fast enough… I think you killed him… Yeah, you shouldn’t be a nurse.” Every 10 minutes she brought up to the class how I “killed” the mannequin. I got fed up and politely responded with “Hey, that’s why I’m here… to learn how to do it correctly” she kind of backed off after that.

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