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      I’m 23 years old and I’ve been in school since I graduated from high school which was in 2014. I pretty much got my prerequisites done but I have like three more or a couple more to do if I go for BSN. I applied to the RN program in 2016 but I didn’t get in. Then I waited again to apply and try for the LVN program which was this year. I didn’t get a no but instead I’m on the alternate list. I also failed A&P 2 twice but decided to apply to the LVN program and take a break from A&P 2 and come back later if I go for RN. I’m stressed and feel bad that I didn’t get a yes.. I’m happy but I feel a bit down. At first I was telling myself that I will get into the nursing program but then I doubt myself I just hope and have faith that they will give me a chance. If I don’t get into the LVN program I thought about taking a break from school because I feel worn out. I will have to start paying out of pocket so I would like to save up. Would taking a break help me get my academic performance up? Has any new nurses or students taken a break? I just want to be able to improve on everything and get my self back up mentally. Is being on the alternate list a bad thing? Has anyone experienced being on the alternate list. Thank you.

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